Variable within email body not returning value

Hi! Hope you guys can help me. I case where I am calling a variable within a text body of an email. I’m using the syntax: “This is a " +variable+ " in this sentence.” The text body is being created in ServiceNow.

When I assign a static value in the variable (of type TEXT), it puts in the value. But when I assign the variable’s value via Get Text for example, it doesn’t put the value when the variable is called in the email body. I tried returning the value via Log Message and it puts in the value but when I call the variable in the email body, it returns nothing.

Appreciate if you can share your thoughts or solution? Thanks!

Hi @eph.rosal

I wonder if it is work to use variable.toString instead of variable.

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@eph.rosal Also check if you have two variables having the same name and make sure the variable is of the type String.

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Thanks! I know I tried that one in passing but let me try that approach again and let you if that fixes it.

Thanks! Let me double check these and let you know.

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@eph.rosal Also check the Scopes of the variables, Assign the Outer most Scope.

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