Variable Type conversion

How to convert data type from ‘Generic Value to table’.
As I am getting error.
I am trying to copy a row from one application and pasting that into excel using build data table.
I am using ctrl+c hot key to get data from application and then when I trying to put that into add data row, it is giving me compile error regarding variable conversion. Please suggest. Thanks!


Have you tried to use the “Array Row” property to fill the Data Table instead of “Data Row”?

Try something like this:


Hope It Helps!


Thanks, now I have tried this but getting data in single cell instead of separated column. Please suggest

Just separate with comma to add the value on another column.

Example: {testVariable1, testVariable2, testVariable3}

No actually, I have copied my data using ctrl+c from other application and stored in a variable and now I am using that variable in my arrayrow as {DT}. How can I separate that? Attaching the screen print.Also my excel has the column around 50 but I am getting values for certain columns(missing in between). Please attach.


you need to split the clipboard data by String.Split(), you should get exact columns with data then.