I had include the statement above in the if’s condition. If the url contains “pdf” then it do A, else it do B.
But some url that contains “pdf” it do B too.

How to solve this problem?

Thank you and best regards.

@teo_choudu Can you show the URL’s in text ?

Use trim option and check


Why Pdf comes in URL ?

Can you share the Requirement pls?


Variable.ToString.Trim.ToLower.Contains(“pdf”) not work for that url.

@teo_choudu Ok, Try with this Expression:

you can use - fileURL.Trim.ToLower.Contains(".pdf")
FileCheck.xaml (4.7 KB)

This does not work too.

This does not work for other url

@teo_choudu What are the Other URL types? Please provide each different URL types present for your case, It will make us easy to Suggest a Solution for that."Teo+K+"[Author]

It can be any type of url

@teo_choudu Ok, I guess It was because It didn’t have “pdf” in it right?
What error did it Give?


But for the link above, even though it have “pdf” but it cant read the word “pdf” and return a result false and did the sequence in else.

@teo_choudu Check this workflow :
Pass your URL’s to the Variable URLs in the Assign Activity. It Will Determine if it’s a Pdf or not (13.8 KB)

It works and thank you.

How if I want to search not only “pdf” but also “ATTACHMENTS”?

Can you help?

Thank you and best regards.

@teo_choudu You want to Search if there is “pdf” in Url and also if “ATTACHMENTS” in Url?

Yes. Either one.

@teo_choudu Which URL contains Attachments in it?Can you Share that url example?