Variable string manipulation help needed


I’m parsing json and everything else gets parsed and appended to csv like a charm but one array I cannot parse.

          "recordNumber": "2019/40637V",
          "registrationDate": "2019-06-29",
          "typeOfRegistration": "TA",
          "entryCodes": [
          "detailsUri": ""
          "recordNumber": "2019/227830",
          "registrationDate": "2019-06-24",
          "typeOfRegistration": "M",
          "entryCodes": [

entryCodes are saved to the variable and the entire message are written to csv but I should manipulate the string inside the entryCodes variable to get those values as should. now it is messign the whole csv file.
This is how those are now:

I need to get those like this:

Hi @hemuli
You used deserialize json and based on that use Build Datatable Activity and add data row

Ashwin S

Hi, and thanks for your reply. Yes that’s how I’m doing it

But I don’t know how to get rid of the [ “” ] characters in entryCodes which are messing the written csv.

Hi, I managed to do this with Replace activity

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