Variable not working

Hi All,
I started studying uipath . I can’t able to use the variable in type into or message box. I am getting an error. Can you please help me with that.

What Type of error you are getting i thing Scope problem in the variable please incrise the scope


If you not get the solution please share the screenshot of your error or that variable

If I give a value in double quotes it’s working fine. When I am calling the variable only I am getting this problem

@copy_writes Can you please give me the solution for the issue

Hi @Aswin,

I have recreated your workflow. Tested. Working fine. Please check this xaml below:
NotePad.xaml (6.5 KB)


@kadiravan_kalidoss No, It’s not working for me. Is there any issue in my system?

Hi @Aswin,

Uninstall uipath studio
Restart your machine
Install uipath studio pro community edition stable version
And test it…!


Do I need to download from this


This link can be helpful for you

Could you send the screenshot of properties panel after selecting the open application activity. Refer below image


I am interested in FileName property

I think first indicate screen in type or Update the studio

Chethan P

I am using latest version 2021 of uipath. I uninstalled and installed many times. Still getting the same error as above mentioned screenshot. I think the problem is in my uipath tool.