Variable not declared error

Dim table as datatable = Getdatatable(“Xml”,“System.string”)

I need to get values from datatable ,but I am getting error as Getdatatable is not declared

Hi @sruthesanju ,

Could you explain more on the issue.

From my understanding, your trying to get the data/ values from datatable.

How about Get row item or Select function ? Have you tried these ?

Yes I am trying to get values from datatable ,how to use get row item or finc activity


To retrive values from a datatable, you can use below statement in an assign activity inside a foreach loop.

str_variable = datatableName.rows.item(“columnName”).toString();

Is this what you are looking for?

Sruthi YNM


May I know what you are trying to achive with vb code.

Getdatatable is function will return the data of the existing datatable.

To remove the dependency errors you have to import name space otherwise it will throw not declared error in invoke code activity.

For your question we can get the row items from datatable using the looping logic available in the below link.

Please refer the below link it might guide you on your requirement.

And also one suggestion instead of going by vb code for datatable we could use our in bulit datatable activities to perform the same operations.