Variable needs to loop and store the last integer to use next time the project launches

We have a process where we need to use a variable (batchnum) that will start at 101 and increment by 1 until 200 and then go back to 101. We have figured out how to get it to increment and then go back to 101 but how can we get it to store the highest batchnum to use the next time the project is launched.

We currently have batchnum declared as shown in the attached.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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You can store thé value in file or as An asset in the orchestrator.@lhendrix

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You could also store the value in a database

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Many thanks to both of you. We reviewed the suggestions. We are going with storing the variable in a spreadsheet (say cell A1), having a Read Cell at the beginning of the process launch, incrementing the variable by 1 as needed and then doing a Write Cell at the end of the process to write the current value to start at the next launch back in cell A1 of the spreadsheet. Hope this helps someone else too!