Variable in Selector is automatically changed

I am trying to use a variable in a selector for a SAP table.
The part that changes is the following for one cell: <sap id’usr/lbl[9,12]/> The rows are represented by the second parameter. So I tried to change it to <sap id’usr/lbl[9,"+tableRow+"]/>. It changes the " " into &quotes; and it is also not working. Any other method of writing it, using ’ " or & instead of + results in an error message that the selector is not valid.

I tried other methods of getting a value from the column that is next to a value that I know, but using OCR or anchor doesn’t work because the known value is dynamic, so any image identification doesn’t work. It’s a crucial part of my bot and I have no idea, how to get it to work.

Hello @Christian_Hennig

You can use String.Format function as follows:

Finally the value of the selector variable will be “<sap id’usr/lbl[9,12]/>” and you can use this variable in the corresponding activity.



Cool, that worked. Thank you very much.