Variable in Selector for Downloading a report

I have a workflow that goes through a list to download reports. There is one report that is very large and takes some time to download. To allow for the extra time so my workflow doesn’t error out, I added an on element appear for when the download is complete. I am trying to incorporate a variable into my selector for so that it identifies the correct line when it appears. I am struggling with the error message and what where I may be missing a double quote.



I see a couple of problems. First, since it’s a string, you need to have all in one line instead of multiple lines (however, you can place the _ character on the end to break to a new line and continue your expression correctly). Second, you are missing a quotation before ReportDate variable, so to close the string off. Third mistake is you have an extra quotation after ".txt

Basically, should look like this:
"<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' /><wnd aaname='View and track your downloads' /><ctrl name='"+ReportDate.Replace("/","-")+"_"+row("Input Report").ToString+".txt' /><ctrl name='Open' />"

Let us know if you have further issues. I recently was coding for a download and found that some elements were always appearing even though they were hidden, so the Wait Element appear isn’t always applicable.


Hi @sarverha,

Use dynamic selector & try