Variable Help SetUp - NEED HELP ASAP!



I am working with data by quarter. I created a variable called “Month” that gets the current month.( now.Month.ToString)

Next I have four If activities with following conditions:

Month <= “3” Does NOT Work
Month > “3” and Month < “7” Does NOT Work
Month > “6” and Month < “10” Does NOT Work
Month > “9” Does NOT Work

Please tell me if I’m going wrong with the two middle month set ups. Thanks!!!


Hi @Geek,

Set the variable Month as an integer and try the following code:
Month = Integer.Parse(DateTime.Now.Month.ToString("00"))

Then do the comparison like this:
Month > 3 And Month < 7


That worked, thank you much!!!



You can also use the below to extract parts of the date.

Month(Now).ToString or Year(Now).ToString

That should also return an integer. So for conditions it’s like Month(Now) < 3
If you want it zero-filled, then do Month(Now).ToString(“00”)

If you have a DateTime variable, you can set its Default to Now, then use the variable like…
Month(timeToday) or Month(timeToday).ToString
That’s how I do it.



Oh, I also wanted to add that I’m pretty sure you can compare DateTimes in the condition.
So for example, you have a dateTime variable set…
Q2 = CDate(“03/01/2017”)

Then, you can use that in a condition
Now < Q2

This method will incorporate the time and year with the date too so might be more sustainable.
Of course, there are probably multiple solutions for what you need.



Thank you, Clayton! I appreciate the prompt response.