Variable exclude certain words in the Uipath

Dear community ,

I have create one variable -XX after getting text from the web browser. But i dunno how to build the workflow as below:

If the variable - XX which consist of wording below , show me false, any other wording apart from below , show me as true.

  1. Others
  2. Unsigned
  3. Timesheet
  4. Contract
  5. Log book

For the unsigned wording , it is possible to write the formula : as long as it contain unsigned wording, it me false as well no matter it contains the wording like : unsigned document, unsigned file or unsigned check. As long as it contain unsigned , give me false.

Thank you.

Hi @SH_94
Use if condition for this around

using or condition to validate like as below

XX.ToLower.Contains(“others”) OR XX.ToLower.Contains(“unsigned”) …like that

Another way is ,

assign activity to store all words in array

list_1={“others”,“unsigned”,“timesheet”,“contract”,“log book”}

then in if condition put the condition as

list_1.Where(Function(e) XX.ToLower.Contains(e)).Count<>0

Nived N

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Can i check with you, if using tolower , it mean will change evey word to small capital letter right?

Thank you.


For comparison it would be good


Could you briefly explain what is (e) in the formula below means and also the . Count<>)?

list_1.Where(Function(e) XX.ToLower.Contains(e)).Count<>0

Thank you.

e represent each element in the array list_1

So this is filtering through all element in array and check if the e is contained in the given variable

.Count<>0 represent the count of total element after filtering through array

If count<>0 , it represents any of element in list in contained in the variable