Variable datatype

What data type should be used for storing 321-328-61431552375146632-807805528|666x500

Try using string variable to store the value.

You can change the type to whatever required while processing

HI @Venkatraman

you can use the String data type for this… The next best option would be the Generic type if you need to convert it to anything you need later on…

Ya I tried both the datatypes.When using string it recommends to use int32.

try int64, if all the values are integer type

Pavan H

Hi @Venkatraman,

Can you help us with the screenshot of the error and your assign statement how you are using it.

After giving int64 it gives as

Hi @Venkatraman,

What is the variable type for phone column in your datatable, make the column type as string and get full text output also make it as string.Test.xaml (12.3 KB)

I have made a sample datatable with variable type as string for column phone and adding phone number to the above datatable, please refer the above workflow

@Venkatraman - you are trying add data to datatable by using Add Data Row activity? If yes the the column “Phone” data type is Int64, You have two options:

  1. Change Phone Column data type to String
  2. Change “770-669-5204” to 776695204 by replacing “-” and then convert to Int64