Variable changes after it is passed as an 'in argument' to another workflow

I have a Workflow called ‘Test_Iterator’ which contains a variable called ‘problem’. It passes ‘problem’ as an input argument (i.e. called ‘in_DataTable’) to another workflow called ‘Iterator’. But when the ‘Iterator’ workflow executes, for some reason the original ‘problem’ variable is being changed and I cannot figure out why. (i.e. I do not see any assignment statements that would cause this variable to change, either in ‘Test_Iterator’ or in ‘Iterator’).
Itorator.xaml (30.2 KB) Test_Iterator.xaml (31.7 KB)

The workflows are missing references when I tried to open, anyway, I don’t find the argument as Problem in the workflow iterator. Not sure if you have created it .

Can you recheck if you are initializing the values after passing it to the workflow or if you are assigning some other value after assigning the variable to the argument?



Sorry, to execute the program you will also need the following 2 files (attached):


When you execute Test_Iterator.xaml, the first thing it will do is open problem.xlsx (under a subdirectory called Input) and assign it to the variable ‘problem’.

Then, Test_Iterator.xaml will invoke Iterator, passing the problem variable as an input argument (which is referenced as in_DataTable in Iterator).

Problem.xlsx (9.8 KB) Solution.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Hello again,

To make this easier to troubleshoot, I have stripped down the code to its bare essence. Attached are the 3 files required (note they can all just be in the same directory now). Here is what happens:
(1) I execute Test_Iterator.xaml. It reads problem.xlsx and assigns it to a DataTable variable called ‘problem’. It also displays ‘problem’ to the console.
(2) It then invokes the file Iterator.xaml, passing ‘problem’ to the input parameter in_Position.
(3) Iterator.xaml sets out_Position equal to in_Position, and then modifies out_Position by updating one of its cells to be “X”.
(4) Test_Iterator.xaml receives out_Position from Iterator.xaml, assigning it to a different variable (called the variable this_position).
(5) Finally, Test_Iterator.xaml redisplays ‘problem’ to the console, but this time it has changed. Instead of being its original value, it now takes on the value of out_Position.

Summing up, I’m trying to prevent the value of ‘problem’ from changing after it has been passed as an input parameter to Iterator.xaml. I don’t understand why it is changing, since I do not have any assign statements which act upon ‘problem’.

Itorator.xaml (6.2 KB) Test_Iterator.xaml (20.0 KB) Problem.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Hello again,

Please disregard, I was able to work around the issue. Apparently when I assign out_Position = in_Position, it assigns by reference rather than by value (i.e. hence any subsequent assignments to out_Position also impact in_Position). I worked around it by creating a separate Clone.xaml to copy the contents in_Position into a fresh DataTable called out_Position.

I’m a newbie at UIPath and didn’t realize that assignments worked this way.



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