Variable assignment

Following assignment is not working. Could you please let me know where it went wrong.


val1,2,3 are variables

Ex string:6011.SN43

6011-val1 and SN43=val2 there is a dot between two variables.

Please try:

val3 = val1 & "." & val2

or if complains (please tell us what is the error message)

val3 = val1.ToString & "." & val2.ToString

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U can use

I am getting “end of Expression Expected” message when i used first one

Where did I do wrong in the below expression
‘"+rowid+" “.” “+TASGrp+”’.
When I used single variable like TAS_Group=’"+TASGrp+"’ it is working and the value was fetched correctly , but when I am combining two different variables to get expected value, I am getting errors.

I am using these variables in Execute Query Activity

You are using this db query inside?
Yes please put all lines in single row

I did . I put the entire query in a single line

Take one assign activities

Newvalue=rowid+ “.” +TASGrp

Thank you So much . it worked.

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Welcome :grinning:

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