Variable - argument 'Object is not set to an instance of an object error'


I am looking to pass a varialble from one workflow to another using arguments, however i am getting an error saying ‘Object is not set to an instance of an object’

can anybody help me here?

That means your variable is having Null value please check for your variable value.

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I have checked the variable in a write line activity it is carry the right information needed. When i am using an argument to use the variable in a different workflow that is where i am getting this error.


At invoke workflow u have created an argument ryt??
Have u bind that variable to argument correctly?
Send mi screenshot

please see below

SpreadsheetID is the variable that i want to carry the data in

Send me the screen shot of that invoke activity where u bind variable to argument “SpreadsheetID”


Look like this
I am invoke Sample file in main
Var is present in Main and Test is Argument created in Sample workflow
I have bind them in invoke workflow

so your saying in the main workflow i should only create the variable and then in the invoke workflow have the argument with the variable in the value? @ImPratham45

Yes Variable will be in that file where u are using invoke workflow
and that variable will be bind to that workflow by creating argument in that workflow

top man thank you @ImPratham45

Most Welcome!!!

Happy Automation!

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