Values are not getting matched


I have one query,

I have to match certain data and then need to process accordingly.

This is my test condition :-------------
((String.Equals(in_S_Address,in_T_Address)) And (String.Equals(in_S_Country,in_T_Country)) And (String.Equals(in_S_Vendor,in_T_Vendor)))

Data ----- >
in_S_Address == Bauhaus Strasse 21
in_S_Country == Russia
in_S_Vendor == Miditronic Technologies
in_T_Address == Bauhaus Strasse 21
in_T_Contry == Russia
in_T_Vendor == Miditronic Technologies

Somehow the condition is returning false for this .Pls advice.

hello @callsaurabh
can print the length of each variable before you match and check if both the address variable have same length or not etc…
and also try to print the value of each variable like
log.message = “-” & variable1 & “-”
log.message = “-” & variable2 & “-” etc

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hello @callsaurabh

there may be chances that white spaces can be added,so try to use trim method for every string and check the condition.


Hope your issue will be resolved.
Do let me know if that still issue persists.


Thanks it worked …