Values are changing dynamically


I need count value from outlook but the text is dynamically changing every time. PFB

The following Hardware/Software has been requested:
Monitor - Standard - Corporate - 29" Widescreen - Leased 48mths @ $19p/m: $912 x 2

The following Hardware/Software has been requested:
Laptop - Highspec - 14" Screen - Leased over 48mths @ $70p/m: $3360 x 1
Microsoft Visio Standard (Please provide PC Name): $304.02 x 1

Monitor - Standard - Corporate - 23" Widescreen - Leased 48mths @ $9p/m - DUAL Screen request requires Business Justification/GM Approval: $432 x 8
Laptop Docking Station - Leased over 48mths @ $5p/m: $240 x 4
Mouse: $20 x 4
Keyboard: $30 x 4

what count you need?

I need the loptop\desktop count in excel after * sign… like 1 2 4

it’s completely unstructured data try to identify common pattern and use regex to get the count.

could you please explain in brief …

Best way to handle this is to use microsoft text analysis…extract key phrase…
Just give it a try…i will show you guidelines tomorrow but before that you could give a try and search what it is …:relaxed: