Value for a require activity argument 'Text' was not supplied


Anyone who knows what the issue is here?


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we need to pass value for this argument buddy as it is IN direction type of argument that would pass the value to the workflows that we give as value
Cheers @ChrisPals


and that value should be a URL where you want to runt this process.
and usually this url is passed from a config file
kindly look at the procedure mentioned in the uipath academy on how to pass the value from config to the workflow
Kindly revert for any queries or clarification
Cheers @ChrisPals


We have two concepts in UiPath:

  1. Variables(Local to the workflow declared, initialized and used inside workflow).
  2. Arguments(Values which is the results of another workflow/value which is not only dependent on the current workflow).

we use to create separate workflows mainly because of the dependent values which will be the results of Previous states or Some other flow.

here in your case you are invoking the some workflow which need some input values to trigger and that should be passed either as a constant string from the place you invoked or some variable values which was generated in previous stages and Since that value is missing you are able to see this error.


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