Value, choosed in the combobox, returnes to the first value in drop-down list


Hello everyone!

I have such problem: I read data from file and have to fill filds on the website with this data. When I read some value, I assing variable to it and try to choose the same value in the drop-down list on the website. But when value is choosed, it returns to the first value in drop-down list. When I don’t use variable and specify value, that should be choosed, everything is OK.

Does anyone meet the same problem and know the solution?

Thank you in advance!


Strange isn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Could you please upload the workflow.


Thank you for reply! I’ve cut my process, because it was to big.
I’m a new user and I can’t attach files, I posted it on google drive:


Doesn’t have much info in xaml.
Could you please navigate in the where exactly your trying to choose the combobox? so i can replicate here.


Thank you!
Password: 9yruhy
It’s first page


It’s working for me.:slight_smile:
Please login before running the workflow.
mozello.xaml (8.4 KB)

PS:browser :chrome


Yes, it works. You’ve changed my schema. I’ll insert your schema into original process and let you know about result.

Thank you!