Value cannot be null. Parameter name source. Calculate Client Security Hash

I am doing the Calculate Client Security Hash, I have been stuck at this for few days and keep getting the same error. How to resolve “Value cannot be null. Parameter name source.” I have searched but I am still not able to resolve it.



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Can you try using Filter Datatable once to check if the specified category are available.

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I have tried to check WIList with WriteLine and it throws error. "object reference not set to an instance of an object"Calculate Client Security (1.0 MB)

@Priyanka_Ramesh, So I am unable to filter the data “Status” =“WI5” only get the Column Names. I did check Output table and it does work.

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So I had made an error in the column name when filtering the datatable. Once I corrected it filter datatable does work. see below:

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Still haven’t been able to solve this, if someone can guide me in the right direction. Much appreciated.