Value argument "NumberOfTimes" not supplied error. Please Help

I’m getting the error “Value for a required activity argument ‘NumberOfTimes’ was not supplied” when trying to run my project. I used the “Repeat Number of Times X” activity under an Excel resource. I don’t understand where I have to input the “NumberOfTimes” variable.
Repeat Uipath error

@albertolombardi - Welcome to the Forum!

Have you tried clicking on the gear icon?

Also, in newer versions of StudioX, the NumberOfTimes field is visible like this:

Let me know if you need more help. Thanks!


  1. Check in the properties panel
  2. Alternate try to reload or change package version from manage packages


Can you show the properties of that activity @albertolombardi


For further reference one has to ask what version of StudioX and activity packages are you running ?