I am working with a case where I have to check if there are accidents, in case there is aacident show a matrix (see image 1), in case not exist accidente, the page not show anything (image 2) and from there the robot should take a course of action to follow, how I can do this verification, inente with the activity “image exists” but fails, I also inteinte to do a lectur OCR and continue in case the result of the OCR is <> “” but when there is nothing the OCR does not read "Empty "and it fails, the same with the act of copy full text. Could you give me an idea?

Image 1 Exist:

Image 2 Not Exist

tks !!

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Hi @Braki,
You can just use “data scrapping” to extract the accident table and validate it whether it has got any data.

Once you data scrape it, you can store it in a data table. Later, you can check if it has got any data and you can proceed with your flow.

I’m pretty sure that this will work!

Thanks and regards,

Thanks for the reply,
I just need to know if the table appears or not, the content does not interest me, that activity that you indicate will be useful for me. Imagine that the table does not exist that activity that will return me? error ? or notify me that it is empty.


It looks like the headers are always there, so you might be lucky and data scraping will find the table every time.

You just have to check if it has any rows with data :slight_smile:

Hi @Braki,
Yes! It will work as you have the table header available even when there is no accident details.


How should the verification. Can you show me an example?

Ya I can send it to you by sometime tomorrow

Ananthu, curious about a situation where this report may be in a Citrix environment or the selector for the table is unavailable. Would you use image exist for the red button seen in the first image?