Validation Station - How best to validate entire column in table

I want to validate an entire column in the validation stations rather than having to select each field in all of the table rows. Is there a way to do this?

What you need to validate in the column


Thanks. So I highlight the entire column and then clicked change extracted value for the column name. Not the column field in each row. Is that correct?

You don’t need to validate each field in action center or validation station.

you can correct only the fields you want and click save. it will automatically save all fields that have extracted, fields you’ve validated and fields that are empty.

Thanks Sharon. So for example, no First Names were picked up. Is there a way to select the entire First Name column and validate the column without having to select each first name field in each row.

Does this happen all the time? If an entire column is missing you will have to validate one off. But if you need to continuously validate the same field, you should consider checking your extraction. If you have labelled the column properly or if its an ML extractor, if you’ve trained the field sufficiently.

Thanks Sharon. I guess I’ll look closer at the ML extractor.

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