Validation Error problem!1

Can Anyone help with this error?

Hi @kjaiswal ,

As the Error indicates, it is in the GetAppCredential workflow, Could you Check that workflow and post the Screenshot here ?

Yes, Here it is for your reference…

Can you please try it by resolving Missing activity in That Workflow.

May I know How to resolve it as i have copied from git and made that workflow…

You can resolve it by upgrading packages dependencies of your project.
Or it May possible that it has any other package dependencie which is not currently installed on your project.

Check all the dependencies of project with its versions.

Let me know if you have any Query.

there are some xamls circulating in which the used Get Secure Credential Activity is not valid / compatible with the latest UiPath.Credential.Activities package version.

There are two options to fix it:

  • Downgrade the package
  • rebuild it by drag an drop the activity again and delete the unresolved one

Hi @kjaiswal,

My advice is to downgrade your package versions first and understand what’s going on in these areas. Then create these fields again by upgrading the package version.

Considering that you got the work from somewhere else, you may have problems when you remove it directly. Before you remove it, be sure of what activities and content you will replace.


Thankyou @muhammedyuzuak I downgraded the packages now its working…

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Thankyou @ppr It is resolved

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