Validating the Table with multiple values

I have an input variable from the input sheet where i need to iterate a table (which has multiple values in it along with my input). I need to iterate each row in that table and pick up the specific column and compare the value with my input variable. For eg, i have placed a sample image below. where i have DOB in my input sheet, i need to iterate each row in here and find the row which has my input DOB (eg, 22/05/1982 - which is 3rd row in here). After selecting third row, i need to assign the values of those rows in to its associated variables (which i can do it).

I am not sure how to iterate with dynamic selector, a small code snippet would be appreciated.

Did data scrapping helped us on this to get the data from this page in a structured way
Cheers @kk.virags

Data scrapping doesn’t work for me.

Can you send me a sample code of my above scenario? Sample website :