Validate Website Use Case

Using UiPath Studio, I want to see if several websites are reachable. The list is in Excel. The list of websites change frequently. I would do this daily and is time-consuming. How can I iterate through the web pages and send an email notification if a site has an Error like a 404 error?


Use the “Read Range” activity to read the data into a DataTable.
Use a “For Each Row” activity to iterate through the list of websites.
Inside the loop, use the “HTTP Request” activity to make an HTTP request to the website and check the response status code. A 404 error corresponds to an “HTTP 404 Not Found” response.
Use the “Get Response StatusCode” activity to get the HTTP status code from the response.
If the status code is 404 or any other error code you want to monitor, you can use the “Send Outlook Mail Message” or “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity to send an email notification. Include the website URL and the error code in the email body.


Thanks, that is the concept. UiPath Beginner here; getting used to the screens in UiPath STUDIO I could not get the "For each row in Data table " to pass the “ITEM” to my HTTP Request. Here is the draft of What I have done so far:
a. Create a new process TDCHKWeb.
b. I set Variables along the way.
c. Add use excel file activity with the list of URLs to check “c:\Listofwebsites.xlsx”
d. Read range Excel.Sheet(“wwwlist”).Range(“URLB”)
f. Assign VAR_CurrentRowItemArrayDATA = CurrentRow.ByIndex(0) See image.
g. Use HTTP Request to check for a 404 response.
i. Set endpoint to VAR_CurrentRowItemArrayDATA
H. If Statement to read response (in progress).
iii. Send Notification on 404 (In progress).

Here are the steps: 1. Create a list of websites to be checked “C:\Listofwebsites.xlsx”.
a. Name the Tab (the worksheet may be used for other data)
b. Mark and name the range of sites to be checked in Excel. “URL”

2. In UI PATH Studio  Build the Process
	a. Create a new process CheckWeblinks.
	b. Add "Use Excel file activity with the list of URLs to check "c:\Listofwebsites.xlsx"
	c. In a "FOR EACH EXCEL ROW" Activity in the URL Range
	d. I ASSIGNed the VAR_CurrentRowItemArrayDATA equal to CurrentRow.ByIndex(0)
	e. Then in the HTTP Client I set my endpoint to VAR_CurrentRowItemArrayDATA
	f. Calling the IF ACTIVITY to check the response:
		i. _out_HttpClient_1__StatusCode.AsText > "299"

Else Write Line just to see that the return code was not over a 299 . “PASS http return code : " +_out_HttpClient_1__StatusCode.AsText +” for Website: " + VAR_CurrentRowItemArrayDATA

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