Validate the sent mail in sent folder (gmail)

I am beginner to Uipath and eager to get a respond on how to validate/check the the sent mail in sent folder (gmail). Using SMTP

Cheers and wish You happy new year 2019!

Hi glhendup,

Please use get UiPath.Mail.IMAP.Activities.GetIMAPMailMessages activity to get list of mail message from “sent” folder. Then use for each activity, to get particular mail message using specific conditions.

Note: Please refer this snapshot for more details.


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@ kadiravan_kalidoss Thank You.

I’m setting MailFolder to “sent” but still I’m getting exception like “The requested folder could not be found”.!

what could be the issue?

Could any one tell, what is the correct name of sent mails folder in Gmail? “sent” or “Sent”? I am also getting the same error saying “The requested folder could not be found”.


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