Validate column and send esc Email to user

Hi all,
I have one excel file and in that have one column amount so if that column is empty then we need to escalation mail to i have built one code but its not working my side pls check and let me no process to send esca mail.Main (8).xaml (7.9 KB)

Hi @sayali_rokade

Please refer to the xaml and sample excel i have created based on your requirement.

Main (8) (1).xaml (9.8 KB)
Data1.xlsx (9.5 KB)


@pravin_calvin thanks for such a quick response i forgot to mention that they don’t want to send immediate mail. what they want is next day automatically email will send to it possible to send email next day. without orchestrator

Hi @sayali_rokade

If am right you need to set trigger based on next day?


@pravin_calvin yes means if user will not fill amount entry then next day he/she will receive mail. Not on same day it should be next day or 2 days later. means if i run process today then 22 aug user will receive mail if they are not fill entry(empty record).

Hi @sayali_rokade

I am not sure on how to do the above trigger.

@ppr @yoichi will help you with this case!


@ppr @Yoichi ya guys pls help if u know the logic for this


In this case, the following 2 processes might help you, for example.

One is foreground process determine whom be sent email to and output its mail information in some folder (such as date is good idea)

The other is background process which sends email which is made from mail information in the above folder at certain time (such as 8am). This process has loop which checks time, and when it’s certain time, send emails.

Note: As attended user license requires user should monitor process, you might have to care it.


@Yoichi like @pravin_calvin solution above if can we put date -2 and today date variable in some variable and in if condition today=date -2 so that whenever we run the process it will send 2 days back user u have any example for same