Validate button in Selector Editor just keeps spinning

I encountered this following issue in the Get Text activity. The validate button just keeps spinning and not able to validate. It also does not allow me to re-select the UI element which is residing in a Java application. After which, it hangs the Java application. When I click on the Open in UI Explorer link, it gives me a blank screen in UI Explorer. When executing the workflow up till that activity, it will hit an error and hangs the Java application.


Would appreciate if anyone who has encountered similar problem to provide any advice.


Have you installed Java extension or not from UIpath ?

If not then do that and try once

All the extensions including Java are installed. My java versions are as below.

java 7 update 67
Java™ Platform SE binary (32 bit)

The funny thing is that most selectors in the same application are working. Only a few which are not working.

Hi @newbie_karen,

If most of the selectors are working and only few are not working, then for the few for which selectors are not working use Image based automation.

Regardless of which activity I use, it will display the following error when I try to indicate a selector.


I am guessing it may be due to how the Java application is written. There may not have an unique identifier to identify the selector.

Hi @newbie_karen

You will need to install the Jave extension from Studio Start->Tools->Extension list:

Depending on your version, see here:

Thanks for the information.

Yes, I did un-install and install the Java extension last month. Perhaps there is an upgraded version recently. I will request the administrator to do the installation again.

If I am managed to capture that particular UI Element, the selector is reflecting correctly with the wnd app and java role tags. However, after executing the workflow till that activity, it just hangs the Java application.

Have already re-install the Java extension this morning but it still encounters the same error. Thanks to all for your advices.

I think it may be because the UI Element in the Java application which cannot be selected. Will think of other solutions to bypass this.