Valid selector not found

hello Guys

whenever I get selector form pdf form couldn’t find aaname/name attribute correctly
Note: I have pdf form in the Hebrew language.
I tried OCR also



please help

Thanks in advance

Hi @sandeep13
Hey Sandeep

try to do one thing have a try of using Find Image Activity based on UiElement
you can loop through each item

you will be getting selector based on title

Ashwin S

Hi @sandeep13,

This is not the best approach but you can use it . It worked fine for me but I have used this on worst case scenario.
Here is the link as well


try with Anchor base, so you just need one Common element hopefully you will get it. then based on that one element you can get all other elements.

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hi @AshwinS2 @Divyashreem @anmolk171

Thanks for your reply
but the problem is not to find UI element, the actual problem is value of aaname atributes. its seem not correct. I think because of the language(other then english) .


Hi Buddy
Lets check what value we get with GET ATTRIBUTE activity
Cheers @sandeep13

Hi @sandeep13 - Anchor base and Scrape Relative will bypass the aaname attributes.