vaidotasKumZa.PdfSharp.Activities throwng error when page count is 2 with 'Get page count' Activity

Hi ,
Can any one please help me on this this.

I want process my PDF document based on its count.
I am successfully extract data when the page count is more than 2 by moving page by page.
But one of PDF document contains only 2 pages.
when taking of 2 pages document is throwing below error.

To use ‘Get page Count’ activity ,should have PDF Document number should be more than 2.
Please help on this issue.
I am using version

Hi @prasanna.ui

It’s a guess, but I think @Timber might be able to help you here (I think he is the author of the package).

Please vote for the page count activity here: PDF Page Count Activity

Using that will allow you first figure out the page count and then deal with the pdf accordingly.