Using variable o select from combo box (Advanced Training Exercise)

Hi all,

I have an issue in selecting the relevant item from the combo box. The item to be selected will change depending on the value of a variable, so I used the variable inside the Selector Editor.

“month” is a String variable, so I don’t need additional ToString for conversion.

I am able to open the combo box and open the list, however, the selector gives the following error:

"Click Month: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "

In Click activity, I tried “Simulate Click” option both True and False. None of them worked.

I have read the relevant topics, but couldn’t find any solution for it.

Could you please help me regarding this issue?

I resolved the issue with another solution I found in the following video:

I noticed that when the selector edited as a String in below popup, the solution works. However, when I try it with the Edit Attributes in Selector Editor, it doesn’t.

Could someone please help in explaination of this issue?