Using variable in webctrl aaname= " "

HI my scenerio is simple one just want to make yahoo sign in button dynamic
attached are the pictures every time i use variable in its giving me the below error pls advise

Try removing the new lines and place it on the same line.

Hi @mwsupra its not showing error after removing new lines but it is not clicking on that sign in button

This is just a guess, but I normally don’t see spaces at the beginning and end of the aaname selector so that might be it. Remove them (or add wildcard * instead) and try again.

tried all but its saying selector not valid for click activity

can you tell me where should i put varaible in aaname or id or something other on which basis it is chosen?

It sounds like something isn’t right with the selector. Do you need to have the dynamic variable in there? Try using the UiExplorer program to select the sign on button and only check the id and tag attribute. If the selector includes the “idx” attribute (for index) then that means you don’t have a unique selector and you’ll have to either identify something else or include the idx field in your click activity. If you don’t have that index attribute then that means you have a unique selector and you can remove the “aaname” attribute from your selector. This will simplify your selector and give it a higher probability of success.

Thanks alot i wrote wronmg selector its working now :slight_smile:

Great! If you don’t mind, please mark my above post as answer.

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