Using variable for url



Hey guys.

I’m trying to use a url i got from an excel document to go to a website and perform some actions. I have used “Read range” to store different urls in a DataTable called IP, then a “For each row” to make the process loop through the excel cells/urls.

But when try to access the website from my datatable (using Open Browser, type the stored address as IP.ToString) it fails. The browser opens, but the url is pasted as " http:/// " - as if the value is replaced with a " / "

Is there anyone who can tell me what i am doing wrong?



Hi vovivo,

I have attached sample workflow to serve your purpose please check and it is working fine. Let me know if any further clarification is (8.1 KB)


It sounds like the variable value is not what you expect. If you put IP.ToString into a writeline or messagebox activity, do you get the same value?


Thank you. This worked perfectly. Seems the ToString thing wasn’t the correct way to go. You saved my day!