Using UiPath instead of Macro

Hi I am new here and I would like to thank this community for your help.

I have a macro that will check within ppt presentation texts to see if it contains numbers and if so double-check its figures before submtting to client.

My question is in this case when I already have macros in place should we keep that macro or can I let UiPath do the same thing and disregard the macro?

What is the best practice here? Thanks!


Hi @hellorobot,

you can use execute macro activity to run the macro

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Hi @hellorobot

U may continue with the macro as of now and there are any other requirements if u come across or u would have to extend the scope of your auditing activity of ppt then you can go for UiPath using execute macro.

For comparison part UiPath is all time better and planned tool that Macros.

Hope this resolve your doubt :blush:

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