Using uipath for guided application tour

Is it possible to use uipath for creating guided application tour in which small popups will be displayed in the web application to provide step by step instruction to a new user.

Hi @nrajesh.ceg ,
It can be done.

  1. Use the “Open browser” activity to open the link.
  2. Validate if the browser is open. Validate if the element you need is loaded(Ex: Create profile link)
  3. Use the “Message box” activity to display a message. EX: Click the "Create profile " link to create new user profile. You can also use “Highlight” activity to highlight the element.

By repeating above steps for each action you want the user to perform you can create a guided tour. But the popup UI may not be appealing to the user as UiPath is not specifically designed for that, but it works.