Using two excel workbooks at once


I have 2 workbooks and a want to copy data from one to the other, as well as use a lookup formula in one looking into the other. This can be done easily in StudioX.

In studio Pro, when I nest excel application scopes the top scope is forgotten inside the nested scope. If I use copy/paste range I get “sheet does not exist”, whilst using read range then a write range creates a new sheet in the second workbook. This is not what I’d expect to happen.

How do you reference back to the top sheet? In StudioX you can use the “reference as” for this, but I cannot see the equivalent in Studio Pro, and referring to the sheet by name alone is not working as stated.



For now, can you try to turn on ShowModern (or ShowClasic) at activities panel?


We can find and use UseExcelFile activity like StudioX.

(or we can also use it turn on ModernDesigneExperience in project settings)