Using Two Anchors to select a time in a diary

I need to select an appointment time.
Along the top of the diary is 8, 9, 10, 11 (Times)
Along the side is the Dates. e.g (Tue 13)
I Need to select for example 8am on Tuesday 13th September.
This changes each time, different times and date for each appointment.
Anyone any ideas?

Hi, do you have some screenshot for us to better picture what is your case?

So say we need to get the box that is inline with 10am on the 29th

Ok, then i dont think anchors is the best option, if you manually select the target, what is the selector you get? Use UiExplorer to see if you can see anything related to the 29 and 10 in there so we can use as dynamic selector.

Selector has nothing that relates to date or time