Using try catch in multiple word doc invoices

kindly advice in how I can go about handling wrong variable input and wrong info and missing things using Uipath.

I’m struggling because the project already does automations to calculate the invoice outstanding amounts. I’m not sure if I shout add the whole main sequence in the try catch .

Hi @Latoya_mbatha,

If you try catch all, the reporting details will not work well.

Catch possible checks using if and throw so that the error detail is caught in the process.


okay thankyou. just so i understand do i write the specific message the condition

You can check your input values ​​at the very beginning of the process. If there is a deficiency, you can send an information e-mail to the relevant unit before proceeding. @Latoya_mbatha

Hi @Latoya_mbatha

You can have an Validation of all the Variables at the beginning of the Process by using an If Else and Checking as per the requirements and have a Throw Activity to throw an exception explicitly and email the stakeholders with the same message.