Using The Values That Entered Via "Input Dialog" In Excel Filter Activity

I want to use the values that I enter via the “Input Dialog” activity to filter the Excel table. But I am not going to use only one value. I want to use each value that is separated with a comma when filtering the table in Excel.

Thanks in advance for your kind supports.


you can use split and put this values in a for each


Follow the steps

  1. Use a use excel file activity and give the excel you want to filter
  2. Use a for loop inside the use excel file activity and give input as str.Split({","},Stringsplitoptions.None) where str is the output of input dialog box
  3. Inside the loop use filter excel activity and give the range ir sheet as Excel.Sheet("SheetName") (I hope headers start ar first row)
  4. And click on configure and give the value in basic filter as currentitem