Using the Single Bot in multiple systems at a time for execution


I have a scenario-based doubt.

A Team of 5 Members is trying to operate the same bot in 5 systems, and 5 Persons are working on different systems with the single bot, and they want to export the data to the “WORK-BOOK EXCEL SHEET” from the web source at the same time.

Is it possible to write the output in the Same excel workbook sheet or What happens in this situation? How to handle the situation. Please clarify for us.

Note: Here we are not using the Orchestrator.

Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @Harsha_S1

It is not possible to do like that because you will have issue.

For example

System 1 is updating the data in the excel file in the same time System 2 is also trying to update the data in the excel file.

Can you confirm that the Excel file is in the shared Location like {Public share drive}?

If yes, you will get this error

In this case robot will thrown an error that the file is used by another process.

Like way it will throw error in all the robot.

In this case you can try with different excel for all the systems


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Create a new process that reads from a queue and writes to an Excel file. The queue items will contain the filename, path, and data to write. All your other processes should put items into the queue, instead of writing to Excel. Then you just have one job writing to Excel while all the others are just creating items in its queue.

EDIT: just realized you don’t use Orchestrator, although I’m not sure why. So you can mimic this by having each process write to a different Excel file in the same folder. Then write another process that reads all Excel files in that folder and writes the data to one Excel file.

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Thank you.

Excel location is in a shared drive and here we are using the workbook application.

It will throw error in any cause. All the system should update it in different files and at last you need to concatenate all the excel file.

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