Using the File Trigger without making the Orchestrator busy


Please let me know for the following

We need to implement the Background process which monitors a file drop in shared file location and upon dropping of the file it triggers another bot and after completion, background process should keep on monitoring.

This all has to be done from the Orchestraor.

Please do let me know how this can be achieved

This can be achieved.

In a sequence, use Path Exists activity, choose file format, give the filename if you already know.

Otherwise, If the file name is unknown , you can use directory.getfiles(“Folder Location”) which returns an array of strings. You can count it and figure out if the file exists.

If the file is found, you can update a queue item with which another BOT can be triggered ( using queue trigger).

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Thanks @Sugumar8785 for the reply, but here the scenario is the monitoring bot has to monitor the file all the time and if file is present in the shared drive, it needs to trigger another bot.
You are right we can use the Queue trigger but the problem is the first bot which needs to be running all the time and if it found the file it need to trigger another bot at the same time without keeping the Orchestrator busy, right now if it running through orchestrator it is making the Orchestrator busy and putting every other job in pending state.

When you trigger multiple jobs that runs by one BOT before one gets completed, the newer jobs will go in pending state.

There needs to be some changes required in the approach. But I am not quite sure of your requirement. Can you elaborate it a bit. So I can comment further

Here we can use Background job template to make a background job which can monitor the file drop, but the problem is that the background job is making the orchestrator busy

Does this mean, you are using same BOT for other process too ?

No, background process needs to trigger the other job but both has to run at the same time in orchestrator