Using table extraction

Hi, when I use the “Table extraction” eventually, I want to remove from the table received after the extraction from the web a “like” values, can you please advise how to do so?



Can you please confirm whether you want remove the entire data row or just a cell?

If you want to remove a data row,
You can use filter wizard to get only the necessary data from the table.


Thx! but can you please explain how to do so? means, I have captured the data in the “extract table data” then I have extracted it to “saved value” , now what needed to be done to pull the source value and the column name ?

HI @bnadir

Use Filter datatable activity and filters the rows as you want

In Datatable field pass the variable which in the output properties of extract datatable

In Filterd Datatable field create a new variable in save it for later

In Wizard you can give the filter based on any number of column