Using SauceLabs Camera Injection Feature in Mobile Automation

Hello, I am new to Mobile Automation. I am currently using UiPath with real devices provided by SauceLabs. As a part of my automation, I need to use SauceLabs’ camera image injection function Camera Image Injection | Sauce Labs Documentation. I have been told by SauceLabs support that to function correctly, UiPath will need to be able to execute Javascript code via the Selenium/Appium Javascript Executor. Is this possible to implement in UiPath and, if so, how?

Hi Zach,
you have to convert your saved image first (Assign Activity), Example
Save to: imageBase64Str
Value to save: Convert.ToBase64String(System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(FilePath))

The you can use Execute Command Activity
Command: “sauce:inject-image=” + imageBase64Str

And you need this argument: