Using robot to login to website that requires 2fa email

I have a robot task that logs into different websites and collects commission statements.
The Problem:

  1. Each website has their own 2fa requirements (all allow email notices)
  2. Timing can sometimes be slow

I am on Microsoft Outlook 365 and have the service connection setup in orchestrator but I cannot figure out how to automate the collection of the 2fa code and retrieval back as a variable for robot to continue its process.

here is a high level map of what I am doing

Hey @Nathan_Betters1

This is possible.

You need to get emails using the O365 package we have filtered by subject may be since that’s the keyword for us to identify.

But there should some hard timeout decided which will act as a threshold until which bot can wait for the email else it will fail and goto next website or retry.

Hope this helps.


I need to trigger that activity based on the robots previous actions though.
Step 1. Robot is logging into website and prompted for 2fa
Step 2. Robot clicks the email 2fa option
Step 3. Orchestrator gets 2fa email using outlook connection
→ This is where Im confused, it seems to be a live connector, so once the filter criteria is met it can trigger a different robot (not sure how this would work since the attended robot would be running in a hold pattern…)to read the email and collect the code (I presume).
Step 4. The code somehow needs to get back to the original robot which is in a wait mode?
Step 5. Robot needs to then put the code in website and proceed.

Yes there is no need to use triggers in this case.

You can directly check from the bot since you want to continue running the same automation.

The problem, is we dont know how long it will take for that email to arrive so the attended bot needs to “wait” for the email to arrive

Okay but will the browser session will wait until that time ?

Usually the browser will stay active for 20 minutes so plenty long enough for code to arrive.

I figured out how to parse emails based on sender but it returns an array of each emails parse from that sender but I only want the most recent email.

Please use top 1 with latest option selected.