Using Orchestrator API to Create Process Schedule

I was trying to use HTTP POST Call on ‘/odata/ProcessSchedules’ to create process schedule for one of my processes. However, I was getting the error message below:
“message”: “An error has occurred.”,
“errorCode”: 0

The json body for my POST request was as below:
“StartProcessCron”:“0 * * * * ? *”,
“Name”:“Do RPAChallenge for every minute”

Does anyone out there know the correct body content to create a process schedule? Any help or response is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi poonkoon.lim,

Did u figure out the correct request body for processSchedules? I’m getting the same error:

{“message”:“An error has occurred.”,“errorCode”:0,“resourceIds”:null}

How Can i create a schedule through orchestrator API in uipath code?
Can someone give a small example to create a schedule via Orchestrator APIs using uipath studio code?

Trying to schedule a process with sending http request to /odata/ProcessSchedules
“Enabled”: true,
“Name”: “123123”,
“ReleaseKey”: “2******************************3”,
“StartProcessCron”: “0 20 19 9 7 ? 2020”,
“StartStrategy”: 0,
“ExecutorRobots”: [
“Id”: 2826911111
How do you get the Release key, Name,Robot ID. What is startProcessCron expression .Explain in detail?

I was able to create process schedules by creating schedules manually, sending API request GET https://domain/odata/ProcessSchedules and copying parameters of created schedules to the POST request.

Documentation of the POST request is very poor. It is almost impossible to get the request to work based on it especially when log messages of Orchestrator does not usually tell much about the root cause of the problem.

Hi, Can some one please post example worflow?