Using OpenOffice Calc as input to StudioX project

I am working on a automation reading data from OpenOffice calc and pasting on to the website using StudioX as a platform. But I am unable to indicate the Excelvalue from StudioX for website updation

hi @pooja_prasad1

Do you have excel installed in your machine ?, as per the error, bot is unable to run excel application,

if possible could you please share the screenshot of your workflow, so that we will have a better understanding,

V Vasanth Kumar

Hi Vasanth,

Initially we add added the excels add-ins on Studio X but unable to install Excel on VM machine. Studio X is able to add the excel file but unable to open the workbook and read it as per screenshot attached of workflow.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Pooja Prasad

Hi Vasanth,

We haven’t installed excel but only the add-in. And we want to use OpenOffice calc in place of Excel as that is what we have currently.


Open Office is not supported by StudioX :slight_smile: