Using one query to get DT1 with empty rows and DT2 with non empty rows

Hi, Is it possible to get 2 different data table from one DT , for eg: I need to get DT1 with Emp_ID=null or epmty and DT2 with Emp_ID !=" " using one linq query or any Activities.
At the end I need to manipulate the DT2 and merge with DT1 .Please help me with some ideas how can I do this in UiPath .

Filter Data Table is how you’d get one dt with the empty values, and the other with not empty values.

What do you mean “manipulate the DT2 and merge with DT1?” If you’re just going to merge them back together why bother splitting them up in the first place?

My scenario is I have table with more than 6000 rows in that I shuld fetch rows(it may be 1000) with Emp_Id is null ,and using for each I need to add some value in particular column in DT which has only filtered value.So that I dont need to loop trhough all the records ,also at the end I shuld merge it with original table. Do you have suggestion how can I do it .

This is how you split them up.