Using of Short Keys in Find and Replace Value

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to give Uipath a command in “Find/Replace Value”. That if value is “#N/A” then replace all with what is in the above row. The problem is, I cannot type “up” key in replace with section. I can type formula but how can I ask UIpath to select the data up-above.


i hope you are using studiox. pleaes find the attached work flow which i have created for your problem. please review and let me know if it help you to reseolve your issue. (61.7 KB)


Thank yo so much Ma’am but unfortunately this did not resolve my query. It did not executed properly. Let me rephrase the question. It is that I want to replace all “#N/A” in the excel file with a formula "if(up=up,up). There is a data on the upper cell of N/As which needs to be copied in the NA line. I used find/replace function with replace all feature. It is allowing me to write “=if(” but how can I guide it to select the data from what is up irrespective of cell specification?