Using OCR to index files

Hi there,
I am thinking about using UIpath to help indexing my scanned documents.
Right now I am thinking about using “Get OCR text” and then search within the text for potential keywords/parameters to determine the document type and then name them accordingly with respect to their document type. (can it be done with the IF/else decision box?)
I am new to this and I will be forever grateful if anyone can provide me a general workflow.


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@willboy88, Hope you have completed Uipath Academy Training. If not kindly go through those training materials that helps you to sort many things.


  1. Use OCR to get the data in stringVariable
  2. Manipulate the string like stringVariable.Contains(your desired Value)
  3. If Condition yes then proceed with what you want no else proceed and so on.

Dominic :slight_smile:

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